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JSR 354: Money and Currency: Moneta Reference Implementation

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The Moneta is a reference implementation (RI) of the JSR 354 Money & Currency API and provides:

  • Monetary amounts: fixed sized FastMoney and Money for big amounts.
  • Currency conversion and rate providers.
  • Custom currencies support like the Bitcoin.

See Moneta User Guide for an introduction.


You can access the RI by adding the following Maven dependencies:


The same for Gradle:

compile group: 'org.javamoney', name: 'moneta', version: '1.4.2', ext: 'pom'


libraryDependencies += "org.javamoney" % "moneta" % "1.4.2" pomOnly()

The release artifacts are accessible from the Maven Central.

Release notes

The implementation supports JDK8 and later.

Help and support

Ask your question at StackOverflow with tag java-money or join the Gitter chat.