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contains editorial information about how projects, build and release process are set up
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Editorial Project

This project contains editorial information about how projects, build and release process are set up.

Release Process

The release process of the libraries is described in detail on Denis' blog article "How To Set Up a Continuous Integration Process in the Cloud".

Passwords and Keys

The passwords and cryptographic keys used in this release process are stored in the Keepass database file editorial/JavaPOSWorkingGroup.kdbx in this proejct. For accessing this file, the Keepass application has to be downloaded and installed from There are different ports for a bunch of operating systems available.

The password to this Keepass database file is known to the committee members; in case of questions ask Denis.

The passwords for release process relevant steps are stored in the root of the Keepass database. Keepass main page

The cryptographic keys for signing are attached to the ''Signing Key for Bintray'' Keepass database entry. cryptograpic key files for signing

Image Resources

Avatar images and logos used on different web sites related to this organization are stored at the sub directory editorial/resources . The avatar images are used especially at the Bintray reposotries.

Manual Import Process of The Historic Sources

The build.gradle files are prepared to import the historic sources from The following steps has been applied for importing:

  • as precondition, the variable javaposImportDir must be set in user's file pointing to the directory where the source zip file has been downloaded to (one time task)
# for JavaPOS committee file import only
  • download the appropriate source zip file from hhtp://
  • adapt the date part yyyymmdd of the zip file into at Gradle task importSources
	def javaposSourceZipFile ="$javaposImportDir/JavaPOS-$"
  • go to the top and adapt the project's UnifiedPOS and release version variables
def uposVersion = '1.14'
version="${uposVersion}.0" // the last part after dot is the build/release version
  • adapt the JavaPOS dependency versions, if any
// dependency versions
def javaposContractsVersion = "$uposVersion.0"
def javaposControlsVersion  = "$uposVersion.0"
def jclVersion = '2.2.0'
  • execute task importSources
  • execute task addLicenseHeader which will add the comittee agreed CPL license header to all imported source files
  • commit the changes
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