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@Javacord-CI Javacord-CI released this Apr 9, 2019


Using a Build Manager


repositories { mavenCentral() }
dependencies { compile 'org.javacord:javacord:3.0.4' }




The javacord-3.0.4-shaded.jar file contains Javacord and all its dependencies.



  • You can now add listeners before logging in (#407)
  • Added support for spoilers (#435)
    • MessageAttachment#isSpoiler()
    • MessageBuilder#addFileAsSpoiler(...) / MessageBuilder#addAttachmentAsSpoiler(...)
    • MessageDecoration#SPOILER
  • Added static methods to build a permissions object from a permission bitmask (#445)
    • Permissions#fromBitmask(...)
  • Added Message#isTts() (#451)
  • Added ServerMemberBanEvent#requestBan() and #requestReason() (#441)
  • Siginficantly improved performance (#455)
    • DiscordApi#getXyzChannelById(...) is now O(1) instead of O(n). This especially matters for large bots/shards.
    • As this method was also used internally, it will increase the performance of your bot, even if you did not use the method.
  • Basic handling of new channel types (#461)
    • News channels are considered as regular server text channels
    • Store channels get completely ignored for now
    • Proper handling will be added after audio support
  • Added #isBotUser and #isRegularUser() convenience methods to MessageAuthor (#432)


  • Ignore presences of users that are not in a server's members field. It's a Discord bug that these kind of presences exist and they caused a crash on startup. (#457)
  • Significantly increased the wait time for new servers to become available. The previous time of 2 seconds was too optimistic for very large servers. (#456)
  • Fixed Received channel update event with unknown role! exception on channel updates (#459)
  • Fixed emoji comparison (#434)
  • Remove messages from cache on lost visibility (#394)
    • This fixes rare bugs in which messages can have outdated content

Deprecated methods

  • none

Where's audio?

In the last version, we said that the next version will most likely include audio support. As a lot of important changes happened in the meanwhile (performance improvements, important bugfixes, and Discord's new channel types), we have decided to release this version without audio support. Unless Discord releases a new important feature or breaking change, this is very likely the last version before audio.

What's Next

Voice / Audio Support

We are now putting our main focus on audio support. You can already check out Lavaplayer-Wrapper (unstable!) to play around with our current implementation. Moskau-Bot is an example bot that uses this wrapper to play the song Dschinghis Khan - Moskau from YouTube.

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