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R Shiny app to visualize beehive measurement data.
R Dockerfile Shell
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R Shiny app to visualize beehive measurement data.

Checkout latest code

git clone shiny-beehive
cd shiny-beehive


Screenshot from Shiny App - Zeitreihe Screenshot from Shiny App - Gewichtsanalyse Screenshot from Shiny App - Dashboard

Run Docker

Build the docker image

Building the Docker Image is straightforward. Make sure you are in the shiny-beehive directory with the Terminal and type in:

docker build -t shiny-beehive .

Don't forget to make on your local machine executable. The permissions are copied from your local machine.

chmod 755

Run the docker image with your ShinyApp

When this process is done, you can run your ShinyApp in Docker 🎉

docker run -p 3838:3838 --name shiny_beehive shiny-beehive

Now, you can open the app with any browser by visiting http://localhost:3838

To save your Docker Image as a tar-archive, you simply type into your terminal:

docker save -o ./shiny_beehive-latest.tar shiny-beehive:latest

This file can be for example uploaded to your Plesk Onyx Docker Manager.

Upload to Docker Hub:

# Frist create repository at Docker Hub
# Log into the Docker Hub from the command line
docker login --username=javanxd
# tag your image
docker images
docker tag 3d06871c1017 javanxd/shiny-beehive:firsttry
# Push your image to the repository you created
docker push javanxd/shiny-beehive

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