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This is an app for retrieving latest information about BTC pools.

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Read the docs

Here you have the link where you will be able to read the docs for this app:


With the latest update, we have just integrated the option to recieve notifications: as this app is for getting information about BitCoin Pools is important to know the value of the BitCoin. So now, you can configure notifications and more in the app.

What this app exactly does?

The purpose of this application is getting information about mining pools avaiable on Internet (click here for getting more information), and also giving the user more information for the BitCoin (as its current price)

Interface Buttons

Now, in the latest version I have included a notifcation system that can be enabled or disabled by the user in order to know when the BitCoin reaches or not a specific price.


Downloading different versions

Here you have to download the newest version available, on Aptoide or directly from GitHub:

Get it on Google Play

BitCoinApp - Releases

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You can do:

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