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<string name="app_name">Handwashing reminder</string>
<string name="activity_notification_channel_name">Activity
<string name="activity_notification_channel_desc">Get a
notification when you get out of a vehicle or finish an activity to
remind you to wash your hands</string>
<string name="time_notification_channel_name">Scheduled
<string name="time_notification_channel_desc">Get a notification at
scheduled times you have indicated in the application</string>
<string name="activity_notification_walk">Did you have a good walk?
<string name="activity_notification_walk_content">Walking 30 minutes a
day is one of the greatest practices for having a good health &#128170;
Remember to wash your hands before eating or touching your face
&#129325; so you can have even better health &#128521;</string>
<string name="activity_notification_run">Did you enjoy running?
<string name="activity_notifications_run_content">It\'s always
funny to run &#128578; but usually it comes with a lot of sweat
&#128517;. Try washing your hands as soon as possible or, even
better, have a shower &#128704;</string>
<string name="activity_notification_cycling">Having a good ride?
<string name="activity_notification_cycling_content">I always enjoy
going cycling - it makes you feel free &#127794;. Your bike\'s handles were
probably dirty so try to wash your hands as soon as you can
<string name="activity_notification_vehicle">Time to wash your
hands &#128649;</string>
<string name="activity_notification_vehicle_content">In public
transport there are lots of people and you don\'t know if they
are ill or not &#128567;. Even in your own car there can be
diseases in the handles or in the steering wheel &#128663;, so
try to wash your hands as soon as you can for avoiding diseases
<string name="title_appintro">Handwashing reminder intro</string>
<string name="privacy_policy_title">Privacy policy</string>
<string name="tos_title">Terms and conditions</string>
<string name="firebase_analytics_policy">Allow the application to
collect and send anonymous data with data activity and
analytics information</string>
<string name="firebase_performance_policy">Allow the application to
track its performance and send anonymous data for improving
in-app experience</string>
<string name="title_ads">Ads</string>
<string name="ad_attribution">Ad</string>
<string name="dynamic_module_loading_title">Building your app…</string>
<string name="dynamic_module_loading_text">We are adding new
content to the app so it works correctly. Please, wait a minute
- this process should not last long.</string>
<string name="dynamic_module_loading_error">Oops! Something went
wrong 😥 - please retry the process</string>
<string name="done">Done</string>
<string name="preparing">Preparing…</string>
<string name="installing">Installing…</string>
<string name="diseases">Diseases</string>
<string name="handwashing">Washing your hands</string>
<string name="news">News</string>
<string name="settings">Settings</string>
<string name="breakfast_title">Breakfast time! &#9749;</string>
<string-array name="breakfast_comments">
<item>During sleep your hands get dirty, it\'s important to wash
them before having breakfast &#128564;</item>
<item>Washing your hands before breakfast will ensure you a good
day &#128521;</item>
<item>30 seconds for good health? Where do I sign! Just wash your
hands &#128521;&#128166;&#128079;</item>
<string name="lunch_title">Time to lunch and wash your hands!
<string-array name="lunch_comments">
<item>Having a good day? Let\'s continue with it having your hands
clean &#128513;</item>
<item>After a busy morning it\'s time to eat and do it clean
<item>If you have gone to the street is even more important to
wash your hands before having lunch &#128166;&#128079;</item>
<string name="dinner_title">Let\'s have a clean dinner &#129367;</string>
<string-array name="dinner_comments">
<item>The day is finishing and you can do it fully by
<item>Remember before having dinner and going to sleep to wash
your hands and count sheeps &#128017;</item>
<item>Do you know that washing your hands can keep you safe from
more than 15 diseases? That\'s a lot &#128558;</item>
<string name="washing_hands_first_title">Let\'s learn how to wash
our hands</string>
<string name="washing_hands_first_description">Join me in this trip
in which we will learn how to completely wash our hands
&#128166;&#128079;. This is very important not only for you but
for everyone who is around you: from a baby &#128118; to your
grandparents &#128116;&#128117;. It\'s a small responsibility
act that only lasts 30 seconds.
Remember, it\'s not only for you but for them.</string>
<string-array name="washing_hands_titles">
<item>1. Rub your hands</item>
<item>2. Clean in between your fingers</item>
<item>3. Back-clean and in between the fingers</item>
<item>4. Back-clean of the fingers</item>
<item>5. Cleaning the thumbs</item>
<item>6. Cleaning the tips and nails of your fingers</item>
<item>7. Finish cleaning</item>
<string-array name="washing_hands_descriptions">
<item>By wetting your hands and applying enough soap, rub your
hands together for spreading the soap &#129532;.</item>
<item>Now, using the spread soap, clean in between your fingers
&#128400; (as shown in the video).</item>
<item>By putting one hand on the back of the other one, clean it
and in between the fingers &#129306;. Do the same with the other
<item>As you can see, your fingers are not clean yet &#128064;, so
put the back of your fingers against your palms and rub.</item>
<item>We almost forget them &#128556;! Clean both your thumbs
using the other hand &#128077;.</item>
<item>Now it\'s time to clean both your tips and nails. Put them
against your palm and clean them. Wow &#128561;! Such a
beautiful nails! &#128133;</item>
<item>Finally, clean the top of your hand (near your wrist).
Then, rinse your hands in water and dry them with a
disposable towel &#129531;. And finally, use it for turning off the
tap. And it\'s done, you have finished! &#127882;&#127881;</item>
<string name="previous">Previous</string>
<string name="next">Next</string>
<string name="time_preferences_section">Scheduled time settings</string>
<string name="breakfast_pref_title">Breakfast time &#9749;</string>
<string name="breakfast_pref_summ">You set your breakfast time to: </string>
<string name="lunch_pref_title">Lunch time &#127857;</string>
<string name="lunch_pref_summ">You set your lunch time to: </string>
<string name="dinner_pref_title">Dinner time &#129367;</string>
<string name="dinner_pref_summ">You set your dinner time to: </string>
<string name="activity_section">Activity notifications</string>
<string-array name="activities">
<item>After walking &#128694;</item>
<item>After running &#127939;&#8205;&#9792;&#65039;</item>
<item>After going cycling &#128692;</item>
<item>After leaving a vehicle &#128649;</item>
<string-array name="activity_values" translatable="false">
<string-array name="empty_array" />
<string name="google_api_not_found">You need to have Google Play
Services installed and available for using this functionality</string>
<string name="permission_permanently_denied">You denied permanently
the access to your activity. Enable it from settings</string>
<string name="activity_disabled">You will not receive any activity
<string name="activity_enabled">You will receive notifications for
the activities selected below</string>
<string name="activity_recognition">Enable activity recognition</string>
<string name="activities_to_enable">When you will receive
<string name="activities_info">You will receive notifications</string>
<string name="activities_disabled">You will receive no
<string name="data_sharing_category">Data sharing preferences</string>
<string name="firebase_analytics" translatable="false">Firebase Analytics</string>
<string name="firebase_performance" translatable="false">Firebase
<string name="ads_explanation_title">Disable ads?</string>
<string name="ads_explanation_desc">I know ads
are sometimes disgusting and annoying and indeed they are not a great
source of income so I\'m allowing you to turn them off
&#128521;. This way I won\'t make any money, but you can make a
donation whenever you want and supporting my development &#128519;</string>
<string name="disable">Disable</string>
<string name="ads_donations_category">Support the development</string>
<string name="enable_ads">Enable ads</string>
<string name="enable_ads_summ">Allow the app to show ads on diseases view and support development</string>
<string name="donations">Contribute with a donation</string>
<string name="donations_summ">Support the app development by making a donation</string>
<string-array name="in_app_donations_names">
<item>Donate 1€</item>
<item>Donate 2€</item>
<item>Donate 5€</item>
<item>Donate 10€</item>
<item>Donate 15€</item>
<item>Donate 20€</item>
<item>Donate 30€</item>
<item>Donate 50€</item>
<item>Donate 70€</item>
<item>Donate 100€</item>
<string-array name="in_app_donations" translatable="false">
<string-array name="in_app_donations_debug" translatable="false">
<string name="donation_thanks">Thank you for donating!</string>
<string name="donation_desc">You are awesome &#128561; With your
donation I can continue developing this app and include new
features &#128170;
Stay tuned for them!
<string name="donation_cancelled">Donation cancelled</string>
<string name="donation_cancelled_desc">It looks like the donation
was cancelled. It doesn\'t matter, you can do it at any time
<string name="donation_error">Error while donating</string>
<string name="donation_error_desc">There was an error while trying
to do the donation &#128560;. Maybe you don\'t have enough
money on your credit card or Google Play Store is not available
at this time</string>
<string name="collaborating">Collaborate with the project</string>
<string name="suggestions">Send comments and suggestions</string>
<string name="open_source_libs">Third party and open source
<string name="tos_and_privacy">Terms of service and privacy policy</string>
<string name="send_email_client">Choose and email client</string>
<string name="share">Share this app</string>
<string name="share_text">
Washing your hands has never been so easy! Discover \'Handwashing
reminder\' and get notified whether you should wash your hands
&#128166;&#128079;, by custom notifications or by your activity.
<string name="share_title">Discover Handwashing reminder</string>
<string name="share_label">Sharing Handwashing reminder</string>
<string name="help_translating">Help translating the app</string>
<string name="help_translating_summ">Would you like to see the app
in your language? Collaborate and translate it!</string>
<string name="no_app">No app can do this action!</string>
<string name="no_app_long">It looks like you have no app
installed on your phone that can do this now. Please, install one for
<string name="playstore_err">access Play Store</string>
<string name="twitter_err">access Twitter</string>
<string name="telegram_err">access Telegram</string>
<string name="sending_email">sending an email</string>
<string name="browser_err">accessing the website</string>
<string name="title_bundledemoji">Bundled Emoji</string>
<string name="social_sharing">Social media and sharing</string>
<string name="twitter">Twitter</string>
<string name="linkedin">LinkedIn</string>
<string name="github">View project in GitHub</string>
<string name="playstore">View in Play Store</string>
<string name="telegram">Notifications channel</string>
<string name="no_internet_connection">There is no network
<string name="no_internet_connection_long">To perform this action
please connect to a network for having access to Internet</string>
<string name="description">Description</string>
<string name="symptoms">Symptoms</string>
<string name="prevention">Prevention</string>
<string name="written_by">Written by %s</string>
<string name="available_at">Available at: %s</string>
<string name="title_okhttp" translatable="false">OkHttp</string>
<string name="title_okhttplegacy" translatable="false">Ok HTTP Legacy</string>