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Handwashing reminder

An app that reminds you smartly when you have to wash your hands πŸ’¦πŸ‘


Due to the pandemic COVID-19 I decided, motivated by Elena, to create an application that can help people with a very simple technique for avoiding diseases: washing our hands.

Some days ago, my grandfather JosΓ© Fernando died due to this disease. That was an extra motivation for finally completing this application and help as many people as it can - I do not want any more dies because of this virus.

Finally, I took advantage of this situation to learn a new programming language, Kotlin, the one in which this app is built. I found this such a great experience and I learned lots of things: coroutines, lambdas, and those things that makes Kotlin such an awesome programming language.

I hope you enjoy this project and it's useful for you and people nearby.


Currently, the application supports:

  • Send notifications at specific time. This feature was developed using the Android's WorkManager but because the notifications were not working as expected (they were almost always delayed) the app now uses AlarmManager for waking the device at specific time, even if it is in Doze mode.
  • Detect user activity and send a notification when ends an specific one. For example, if he gets out of a vehicle, or has just finished running, etc. This was developed using Google's Activity Recognition API.

Obviously there are more features but the "important" ones (the ones that reminds you to wash your hands) are those.

In addition, using the WHO as source, there are a "diseases information" view in which some information about dangerous diseases is displayed. This feature uses Firebase Remote Config, so the list can always be updated and changed without updating the entire application.

Another section is focused on how to wash your hands. This task, that may seem simple, is crucial for having a good health and avoid some practices that can compromise it. This section contains informative videos and images for guiding you through the entire process.

Finally, there is a news section which is still under development. In a future I expect having there recent news about any important disease.

Dynamic modules

By using dynamic delivery this application downloads and installs modules on-demand. That is, it downloads and installs new features keeping the app size as low as possible.

Play Store

The application is currently available for downloading only at Google Play Store. This is because it's using dynamic features. In a while I will try to implement classic APK version.

Download from Play Store

Get it on Google Play


If you want to contribute:

  • Rate, giving me a star 🌟.
  • See my other projects in which I spent so much time working on them πŸ’».
  • Donate me and I will work even harder :D (donate here).
  • And watch if you would like to receive new updates πŸ‘.