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A tool for searching the entire web with the Google technology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Installation
  4. Instructions
  5. Contribute
  6. License

1. Introduction

pyGle aims to be a very powerful tool for just searching the entire web by using the Google technology, without any limitations (or almost no one).

Just with a few lines of code you will be able to:

  • Perform a normal search on Google 🔎
  • Look at Google Images for obtaining all the information you need about a pic 🌅
  • Search the latest news and also a lot of articles on Google News 📰
  • Filter and obtain patents by using Google Patents 📝
  • Have a look at hundreds of different products at Google Shops 🛒
  • Look for books, magazines and more at Google Books 📘
  • Videos, videos and more videos at Google Videos 🎥

As the speed is a crucial factor, I developed this library in order to be the fastest one for each possible situation.

With every search, a little log is included at the end of the result with the available stats for the web scrapping. After some test, I noticed that using requests slow down the overall speed. For that reason is why you can see the lib performs all Internet access by using urllib, which has two advantages:

  1. Is included with all Python installations, so it is a less library to install.
  2. The requests overall time has been reduced at almost 70%: with requests, it took about 3~4 seconds. With urllib, that time now becomes about ~1 second or less.

With the motivation of the said before, when performing a research, the lib instantly returns the object that you will use in the future for gathering the results. That object is also known as a Future (you can read more information right here 👉 Python Concurrent Futures), whose functionality is the following:

  • You want to do a research at Google.
  • As explained before, it needs about ~1 second to complete, so it is a lot of time for you to do other things that do not depend on the result of your search.
  • So when you ask pyGle to scrap the web with Google, it returns a Future object. At the first moment, it does have nothing, but when pyGle ends its work, the Future object will contain all the data.
  • pyGle automatically detects the number of processors of your system so it can speed-up all the process.

2. Purpose

Searching the web with Google is very easy from a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, but sometimes we need that information to be available for a program that we are developing or similar. Or just we need to transform and work with that info.

For that situation, pyGle is the real solution. By using the powerful Python lists and also Python dictionaries, pyGle will give you all what you need. Let me exemplify you with a simple search of the term "test":

  1. Here is the simplicity of pyGle in code for achieving that:

    from pprint import pprint  # Not necessary but for a beautiful print
    from pyGle import PyGle
    pSearch = PyGle(query="test")
    ft = pSearch.doSearch()  # A Future object
  2. And now, when the Future is done, here is the result:

    [   {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': '30 may. 2018',
        'description': '30 may. 2018 -Olvídalas Lo mejor para definir tu '
                       'personalidad son los memes. Descubre cuál es el tuyo '
                       'con este rigurosotestavalado por la Universidad...',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'TEST: ¿Qué meme eres? - El Jueves'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Tests-Testde personalidad de inteligencia de '
                       'belleza... todo tipo detestque te pueden ayudar a '
                       'tomar decisiones o simplemente aclararte las ideas.',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Tests - Tests de personalidad, inteligencia, moda, belleza, '
                 '| enfemenino'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': ' Mide tu ingenio y lo que sabes '
                       'de forma divertida y amena.',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Tests inteligentes y curiosos en Muy Interesante España'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Testde velocidad para medir la calidad de tu acceso a '
                       'Internet con ADSL o fibra óptica . Comprueba la '
                       'velocidad real de tu conexión.',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Test de velocidad : Mide tu ADSL o fibra con el SpeedTest de '
                 'www ...'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Testde edad mental. cual es tu edad mental. Estetestes '
                       'de origen japonés y se llama . Por favor sé sincero al '
                       'responder a las preguntas.',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Test de edad mental (cual es tu edad mental) - A Real Me'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Haz nuestrostesty descubre cuál es la mejor dieta para '
                       'adelgazar los mejores tratamientos estéticos y de '
                       'belleza los alimentos que mejor te sientan.',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Test dieta, belleza, salud, alimentación, nutrición, '
                 'psicología, moda…'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': ' - Lostestsgratis más divertidos de '
                       'internet:testde inteligencia personalidad psicológicos '
                       'de amor para niños...',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Test Divertidos | Los tests más divertidos de la web'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Testgratis que evalúa la Personalidad a partir de sus '
                       'cinco Dimensiones llamadas Los Cinco Grandes.',
        'link': '',
        'title': ' Test de personalidad de cinco factores.'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Pon a prueba tus conocimientos con losTESTde National '
                       'Geographic sobre historia naturaleza países ciencia '
                       'personajes históricos ciudades...',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Los mejores TEST de National Geographic'},
    {   'cached_version': '',
        'date': 'unavailable',
        'description': 'Comprueba la velocidad de tu conexión a Internet con '
                       'eltestde velocidad que usan los instaladores de '
                       'Movistar OFERTA FIBRA -63 DESCUENTO 900 104...',
        'link': '',
        'title': 'Test Velocidad ADSL y Fibra - Mide la velocidad de tu '
                 'Internet - Movistar'},
    {   'google_stats': 'Aproximadamente resultados(0,34 '
        'how_many_results': 10,
        'related_search': [   'testcuriosos',
                              'testpara adolescentes',
                              'tests de personalidad',
                              'tests divertidos para pasar el rato',
                              'testde belleza',
                              'tests de amor'],
        'stats': {   'google_search_time': '0.8270025253295898 s',
                     'overall_time': '0.8999979496002197 s',
                     'parsing_page_time': '0.040498971939086914 s'},
        'url': ''}]

    At this case, I am in Spain, so the results language are based on your current location (if you do not specify one).

If another page must be searched, all the methods start with: with. You can find more instructions at the wiki.

3. Installation

Now, pyGle is also compatible with Python 2, so you can install using pip from Python 2

As usual, you have the pip mode or the easy install methods:

The commands for Windows are the same but without sudo


There are some modules you must install in order to make pyGle work as expected:

  • Common dependencies:
pip install ujson
pip install lxml
pip install beautifulsoup4
pip install typing
  • Python 2 dependencies:
pip install futures

Installing via PyPi (pip)

  • In some Linux systems, pip is not directly available in command line, so we have two options:

    Installing pip for Python (2, 3) (assuming that you already have Python installed):

    sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
    sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    ## CENTOS ##
    sudo yum install python34-setuptools
    sudo easy_install pip
  • Installing pyGle:

    Once you did what said before, now you are able to install pyGle

    #### USING PIP ####
    sudo pip3 install g-pyGle
    ## If pip3 is not available ##
    sudo pip install g-pyGle
    ## Via Python 3 ##
    sudo python3 -m pip install g-pyGle
    ## Without admin permissions ##
    pip3 install -U g-pyGle 
    python3 -m pip install -U g-pyGle

Installing via easy install

  • Basically, we will install Python on our systems, and then we will be able to install pyGle:

  • Now, we can install pyGle as follows:

    #### USING EASY INSTALL ####
    git clone
    cd pyGle
    sudo python3 install

4. Instructions

Every time we want to use pyGle, we will do the following:

from pyGle import PyGle

pyGle allows us to enable a history and keep the session cookies (for a faster browsing):

pSearch = PyGle(enable_history=True, use_session_cookies=True)

As normal, pyGle will only do a normal Google search if we add a query:

pSearch.withQuery("what we want to search")

Also, with every method, you can continue defining your needs without creating thousands of lines of code:

pSearch.withQuery("what we want to search").withContainingTwoTerms("term 1", "term 2").withTextInTitle("text in title").withSafeModeDeactivated().withSearchStartPositionAt(25)

Once we are done, searching is as simple as:

ft = pSearch.doSearch()

# Wait for the result to be available
search_results = ft.result()

Finally, we can recover (if enabled) all the history of the search we did just:

history = pSearch.getHistory()

# Or printing history

If you want to read more, have a look at the wiki.


Another functionality included with this lib is the possibility to work under Tor.

If you do not know what is it, Tor is the easiest way to browse the web anonymously by using proxies that hide yourself. You can read more right here.

If you want to use this functionality, you need to have Tor installed on your system. Here you have the instructions for your systems:

Finally, once Tor is configured on your system, for using it is as simple as (following the latest example):

ft = pSearch.doSearch(torify=True)

5. Contribute

If you really appreciate my work, you can contribute to this project perfectly, for example:

  1. If you find bugs 🔎🐞, you can comment at issues what happened to you and I will try to find a solution.
  2. You can fork this repository and include all what you think pyGle should have. Create a pull request and, if I like your changes, I will include it on the official repo and you will automatically become a developer and maintainer 😄
  3. Also, if you are a great fan, you can donate me what you want by clicking here 🤑

Donate me

6. License

Copyright (C) 2018 - Javinator9889 - pyGle

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.`