Letting the world know how awesome Node.js is and how to get involved!
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What does the Node.js Evangelism WG do?

The Evangelism WG creates promotional materials, brings discussions to a wider audience, and attemps to grow the community through positive, supportive messaging.

Why should you contribute to the Evangelism WG?

The Evangelism WG tries to bring more people into Node, and add to the experience of the ones that are already in it. If you are interested in social media, identity, messaging, writing, or communication, you could be a valuable asset to the WG.

How to get involved!

There are lots of ways to contribute to Node.js. If you are interested in contribution to Node.js evangelism specifically, feel free to join in the conversations, help with issues, and share the roadmap. You don't have to be a member of the Working Group to pitch in!

Join the conversation!

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/nodejs/evangelism

Governance and Contributing

The Node.js Evangelism WG has adopted the core governance and contributing policies of Node.js.

You can view them at:


Evangelism WG Members