Java library that translates Creole Wikitext to HTML, with spec-conformant extensions
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JCreole is a program that...

    you can use interactively to convert .creole files to .html files

    you can use to present .creole files from your JEE application server
    and a library that Java developers can use in any program (standalone,
    client/server, web app,...) to dynamically generate high quality HTML from
    creole text.

Seems the Github no longer provides software download services.
Please visit for download links.

Basic usage instructions are at

In order to maximize portability, we require Java 6 code, so in order to
compile you will need a Java 6 JRE jar file.  When you attempt your first
compilation, Gradle will tell you to write the file path for it in a properties
file.  You only need the Java 6 JRE jar FILE.  Your main JDK can be later.

Project Status

    RECENT SIGNIFICANT CHANGES  (In latest public release)

        + JCreole authors may use ${references} for variables provided by
          their JCreole product.  The JCreole-provided command-line program
          makes Java system properties available in this way.

        + Implemented Pretty-printing

        + Provide web applications docServer*.war and sprinDocServer*.war.
          to dynamically present .creole files that you plunk onto your
          application server.

        + The classes CreoleToHtmlServlet and CreoleToHtmlHandler, used by
          the web applications of the previous item, can be used in your own
          web applications.

        + Styles encapsulated into .css files to eliminate redundancy and to
          make it more convenient for integrators to use our styles or to
          start with them as a base or template.