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What is Adapt-FFB-Joy

Adapt-FFB-Joy is an AVR microcontroller based device that looks like a joystick with advanced force feedback features in a Windows machine without need for installing any device drivers to PC.

This project contains the software for the AVR microcontroller as well as basic instructions for building the hardware.

Currently, it allows connecting a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro (FFP) joystick (with a game port connector) to various MS Windows versions as a standard USB joystick with force feedback and no need to install any device drivers. The adapter also allows to solder a few additional trim pots to work e.g. as elevator trims, aileron trims and rudder pedals in your favorite simulator game.

For more information, see [Adapt-ffb-joy Wiki] (

The firmware software project is configured to compile for ATmega32U4 with WinAVR-20100110 or newer version.


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