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Manage DNSCrypt from the macOS menu bar (BitBar plugin)
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DNSCrypt Menu

DNSCrypt Menu is a BitBar plugin to manage the DNSCrypt proxy from the macOS menu bar.

DNSCrypt Menu also works as a tool to configure your default DNS setup.


  • start, stop or force-restart the DNSCrypt service with support for Homebrew installations
  • switch between settings (see below; exception: Other DNS via VPN)
  • configure additional resolvers for DNSCrypt + Fallback setting
  • configure resolvers for the Default DNS setting
    • Note: at initial run the user's original DNS resolvers, as specified in the Network preference pane, are saved to $HOME/.config/dnscrypt/backup-*, followed by the service name and -initial, e.g. backup-Wi-Fi-initial; backed-up resolvers can be reloaded at any time.
  • display DNS information: service, devices (incl. TUN/TAP), current resolvers (/etc/resolv.conf), configured resolvers (Network preferences), internal fallback resolver (DNSCrypt), configured fallback resolvers (DNSCrypt Menu), public DNS IP with hostname, Whois & ping, local area DNS
  • display DNSCrypt executable and service information: owner, PID, version, network status, used resolvers, ignored resolvers, executable path, config path, latest log & output, full log, log settings
  • backup and reload resolvers from Other DNS setups (excluding VPN tunnels)
  • options to clear DNS cache or renew DHCP lease
  • links to robtex (IP & hostname), current resolver source, this repository, the dnscrypt-proxy repository, and a list of available public DNSCrypt server



  • install dnscrypt-proxy version 2, e.g. with Homebrew (recommended): brew install dnscrypt-proxy
    • configure dnscrypt-proxy by editing the .toml configuration file
  • download the latest version of BitBar, currently at v2.0.0 beta 10
    • install and configure BitBar
    • quit BitBar
  • clone the DNSCrypt Menu GitHub repository and symlink to your BitBar plugins folder
    • refresh clone for updates
  • install terminal-notifier (optional, recommended)
  • launch BitBar


  • DNSCrypt — basic DNSCrypt setting without fallback DNS except the one specified in the TOML configuration file
  • DNSCrypt + Fallback — DNSCrypt using additional fallback DNS, with Quad9 ( as initial preset
  • Default DNS — DNS without DNSCrypt and without initial resolvers, i.e. macOS will use the LAN DNS
  • Other DNS
    • fixed auto-setting when using a VPN
    • user-defined settings based on manual configuration in the Network preference pane (excluding VPN scenarios)


  • The file local.lcars.DNSCryptLoopback.plist is a LaunchDaemon for demonstration purposes. If you use a different proxy address than the default, you need to map your alternate address at every system boot for DNSCrypt to work. This particular daemon runs the command ifconfig lo0 alias Edit to your needs and install/enable using the following commands:

    • cp local.lcars.DNSCryptLoopback.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/local.lcars.DNSCryptLoopback.plist
    • chmod 0644 /Library/LaunchDaemons/local.lcars.DNSCryptLoopback.plist
    • launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/local.lcars DNSCryptLoopback.plist
    • Verify with: netstat -nr | grep "^127\.0\.0\..*lo0$"
  • Stop and restart the plugin from external scripts with:

    • stop: mv $HOME/.config/dnscrypt/run $HOME/.config/dnscrypt/stop
    • restart: mv $HOME/.config/dnscrypt/stop $HOME/.config/dnscrypt/run
  • This BitBar plugin has only been tested on El Capitan (OS X 10.11.6); IPv6 network setups have not been tested; please report any issues or create a pull request.


  • Tweaking & testing, lots of testing
  • script comments
  • TOML parsing (blocklists, IPv6 etc.)?

Thank you

Thank you to Frank Denis for kicking this off with his original plugin.

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