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Amp ESP and Client sUpport
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Amp ESP and Client Support

ESP (June 7th 2019)

• Sparkpost
• Sendgrid (via API - not marketing emails)
• Mailgun (via API)
• Amazon SES
• eSputnik

ESP's proposing to work on

• MAPP (Late 2019)
• Clang (Q3/beginning Q4 2019)
• Klaviyo (Late 2019)
• Pure360 (2020)

Email Client Support (June 27th 2019)

• Gmail - Webmail

Email Client Support (Reported Coming Soon)

• Gmail App
• Yahoo Mail (Could be AOL as well as they are essentially the same now?)

Email Editors
• Taxi for Email
• Stripo (editor support for basic layout and Carousel - more coming soon)

If you know any more or want to have your ESP/Client listed or have more information - drop me an email - or DM me on emailgeeks slack :-)

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