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this repo only includes a hacked remedy, simply for the purpose of proving the conflict
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The purpose of this repo is simply to identify a conflict between two gems:
  activesupport & ohm-contrib (i.e. ohm-contrib's typecasting).

The work-around in lib/ is by no means a "solution". It exists solely to confirm conflict.

If you'd like to see what this repo offers, after many gem installs*, run:
cutest test/ohm_type_bug_test.rb

At which point, you'll notice that one of the tests fails.
The issue is that Ohm::Types returns Ohm::Types::Time, which masquerades as a Time Object.
This conflicts with ActiveSupport's own Time-masquerading.
In particular, ActiveSupport instruments it's "Time" objects with to_s(:db) functionality and Ohm::Types::Time doesn't know about this.
Thus, when stuffing Ohm-attributes into ActiveRecord objects, things go "boom!"

(Moreover, I ran across a case where strange artifacts (i.e. leading "---"'s) corrupted my AR Object, when I stuffed an Ohm::Type::Strings into it's attribute.
Unfortunately, I have yet to recreate this in a test.)

*Gem installs (give or take a few ;-) ):
activesupport (3.0.7)
cutest (1.1.0)
ohm (0.1.3)
ohm-contrib (0.1.1)
override (0.0.10)
rake (0.8.7)
redis (2.2.0)
SystemTimer (1.2.3)
tzinfo (0.3.27)
yajl-ruby (0.8.2)

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