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Thank you for taking time to download, or at least consider downloading, my Options Framework. This framework was designed out of a necessity for my clients and I. Furthermore, I determined to write my own when I was unhappy in how others worked. Not to mention the fact that it's better to write it yourself so you know your code, rather than to try and decipher another individuals coding methods.

Right now the code isn't uploaded as it's currently in development. I have a working prototype at this time but do not believe that it should be released to the public until the documentation is finished on the wiki.

Getting Started

To get started in using this PHP class, I've taken the liberty to write a short How-To. I recommend reading this as I may or may not have time in the future to support this project.


This work will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. Which means you can do as you please with this source code, provided you follow the attribution guidelines within the LICENSE file itself. DO NOT JUST DOWNLOAD AND SELL THIS CODE, IT'S IMMORAL AND UNETHICAL


The code itself has been documented to the best of my ability within the necessary files. However, my attempt at following PHP documentation standards may be less than some would come to expect, although I'm pretty sure most of you can understand the inline documentation.


I will not provide support for this code/software so please do not attempt to contact me.

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