A WP-CLI script to scrape all blog posts for shortcodes ( registered or not ) and provides you a report after complete with CSV capability.
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WP CLI Shortcode Scraper

This is a shortcode scraper with multisite compatability. The scraper will walk over any site you specify looking for shortcodes. All found shortcodes in posts will be put together for a report, which is output at the end of the operation.

Pull requests are always welcome


( showing the output in console )

( showing the resulting CSV output )


Installation - Composer

composer require jaywood/jw-shortcode-scraper

If you happen to use the sweet Composer Installers library, this CLI script is marked as a wp-cli-package for ease of use later.

Installation - Manual

  1. Download or clone the repository to wp-content/mu-plugins/jw-wpcli-shortcode-scraper/ ( Name is up to you )
  2. Create a new file in wp-content/mu-plugins call it whatever you want, I use init.php
  3. Require the file like so:

if ( defined( 'WP_CLI' ) && WP_CLI ) {
    require_once 'jw-wpcli-shortcode-scraper/jw-shortcode-scraper.php';

Now since your init.php file is in wp-content/mu-plugins it will always load.

Command Syntax

  • wp jw-shortcode-scraper scrape [--export] [--site=<slug>]
  • export - Exports to a csv file, if possible, relative to the current directory.
  • site - Use any site in a multi-site environment, like if you have a sub-site called favorite-dogs it would be --site=favorite-dogs

( A wp-cli plugin by Jay Wood )