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Aug 31, 2010

  1. Meinrad Recheis

    removed VersionAssemblyInfo.cs from GitSharp.Core.csproj ...

    Compiling from the solution files generates a non-versioned assembly for simplicity of build setup. Compiling from the nant build script generates properly versioned assemblies.
    henon authored
  2. Meinrad Recheis

    Merge commit 'sinesignal/master'

    henon authored

Aug 27, 2010

  1. Lluis Sanchez

    Implemented support for stashes.

    slluis authored
  2. Lluis Sanchez

    Revert some changes that were causing unit test failures.

    slluis authored
  3. Lluis Sanchez

    Rough blame command implementation.

    slluis authored
  4. Lluis Sanchez

    Add support for renaming and deleting a remote.

    * GitSharp.csproj:
    * GitSharp.Core.csproj: Fix mono build issues.
    * RemoteConfig.cs: Add support for renaming and deleting a remote.
    * Remote.cs:
    * Repository.cs: Add support for managing remotes.
    slluis authored

Aug 26, 2010

  1. Lluis Sanchez

    Use a new constructor to provide the path parameters. Required by som…

    …e unit tests.
    slluis authored
  2. Lluis Sanchez

    Properly check for parent directory in non-recursive directory scans.

    slluis authored
  3. Lluis Sanchez

    Implement new operations for getting the status of a specific directo…

    …ry or file.
    * StatusTests.cs: Add tests for the new status operations.
    * Repository.cs:
    * RepositoryStatus.cs:
    * StatusCommand.cs: Implement new operations for getting the status of
      a specific directory or file.
    * Leaf.cs: New property for getting the core entry.
    * Tree.cs: Added missing null check.
    slluis authored
  4. Dale Ragan

    Removed the extra Microsoft.CSharp.targets that MonoDevelop adds when…

    … it edits a project that was created with VS2008. VS2008 is when Microsoft changed the path variable from MSBuildBinPath to MSBuildToolsPath and MonoDevelop still uses MSBuildBinPath.
    dragan authored
  5. Dale Ragan

    For now we are going to remove the dependency on

    Winterdom.IO.FileMap, since this isn't our default
    way of packing a file and there isn't any reason
    to invest in developing a cross-platform replacement.
    We're leaving the rest of the logic in place in case
    we decide to invest in this in the future.  This was
    never tested thoroughly and caused tests to fail when
    it did run.
    dragan authored

Aug 25, 2010

  1. Lluis Sanchez

    Added unit tests fore branch delete and rename. Added unit test for t…

    …he new Commit files operation.
    slluis authored
  2. Lluis Sanchez

    * Ref.cs: The Name property can now be set by subclasses. Added

      RefName property, which returns the full ref name. This name is
      required for the update operation.
    * Branch.cs: Strip the .git dir from the branch name. Added
      UpstreamStouce, which can be used to set the remote branch that this
      branch is tracking. Implemented Delete and Rename.
    slluis authored

Aug 23, 2010

  1. Lluis Sanchez

    Implement Commit command which can create a commit out of a list of

    provided files, ignoring what's in the index.
    slluis authored

Jul 08, 2010

  1. Dale Ragan

    Bug,, has been fix…

    …ed. As a side note, I did confirm that this was only happening when building with Mono from SVN. Building with 2.6.x resulted in no errors.
    dragan authored

Jul 01, 2010

  1. Dale Ragan

    Merge branch 'development'

    dragan authored
  2. Dale Ragan

    Noticed that this test was being ignored due to the TestFixture not b…

    …eing public. Test now passes without any other modifications.
    dragan authored
  3. Dale Ragan

    Added a work around for now until I can compile under Mono. I will re…

    …vert the code back to the way it was when fixed. Created bug report located here:
    dragan authored

Jun 28, 2010

  1. Meinrad Recheis

    Fixed IndexTests.AddAll_Ignore_Files() (thanks to narent for contribu…

    …ting the testcase)
    henon authored
  2. Added code to fix wrongful behaviour or Index.AddAll method.

    unknown authored
  3. Added unit tests to verify wrong behaviour of Index.AddAll method.

    Method was adding all files in .git folder
    unknown authored

Jun 23, 2010

  1. Meinrad Recheis

    made some tests insensitive to crlf conversion

    henon authored
  2. Meinrad Recheis

    excluding a test resource from crlf conversion to fix failing unit te…

    …sts on non-windows platforms
    henon authored
  3. Meinrad Recheis

    changed the code base from CRLF to LF. Please set "git config…

    …tocrlf true"
    henon authored
  4. Meinrad Recheis

    Merge branch 'master' of git://

    henon authored
  5. Andy

    Merge branch 'wintest'

  6. Andy

    Merge branch 'master' of git://

  7. Andy

    Added current directory handling to log command.

  8. Andy

    This was breaking tests on the Tree.Item[] property and others. Will …

    …move current directory capability into CLI.
    Revert "Fixed up GetRelativePath() to take the current working directory into account."
    This reverts commit 72181ac.
  9. Andy

    Merge branch 'master' into wintest

Jun 22, 2010

  1. Removed MemoryStream from MessageDigest.

    Matt Burke authored
  2. Added tests that demonstrate the out of memory problem.

    Matt Burke authored
  3. Jeremy Skinner

    ReceivePack supports separate input and output streams

  4. Jeremy Skinner

    Implement SideBandOutputStream.Read.

  5. Jeremy Skinner

    RefMap.Remove now delegates to RefMap.remove internally.

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