ssh for Windows command line that supports agent forwarding and doesn't use Putty
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SSH for Windows

What does this do?

the ssh.bat file allows normal ssh to work from the command line, it will start up an ssh-agent and add your keys so you can take advantage of agent forwarding, It's only activated when you pass in the -A option on the command line.

Why did I build this?

I got sick of not having proper ssh-agent support on Windows, I don't use Putty because I like being able to open a cmd shell anywhere and using ssh. And every now and again I needed to forward my key to get access to a git repository or something and this last time finally pushed me over the edge and so I figured out how to do it and wrote this batch script to make it easier for me to forward my key.

Where do you get the .exe files in the ssh-git/ and ssh-rsync/ directories?

The ssh-git/ ssh files come from Git for Windows. Git's version of ssh actually has support for ssh agent forwarding but it is kind of slow at connecting (at least on my Computer) and so I use the ssh-rsync/ ssh when -A is not passed in since Rsync for Windows's version of ssh is a lot faster connecting but doesn't support agent forwarding.

I'm guessing both versions can be upgraded by copy/pasting any new versions from newer installs of Windows Git or Windows Rsync, as that's all I did.