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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
An esports platform built with Laravel and Vue back when I was learning web development. Approx 2015/16/17
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Esports Archived

NOTE: This repository should be used only to understand how to piece together an esports application for hosting tournaments, and possible matches

The coding standards, code, dependencies, repetitiveness etc should not be taken into account when factoring your own application. This was my first main project that I built when learning Laravel almost 5 years ago, and did not use version control. A lot of code in this project is redundant and not efficient.

Nevertheless, this should provide a starting point for developers to understand what models and services may be required.

I have open-sourced this for the above reasons, as I no longer take a personal, and deep interest in this subject anymore.

I encourage developers of all experience levels to open-source projects they no longer develop. I had this feeling where I would be judged on the projects I developed, even if they are no longer relevant. After multiple years of developing, I no longer feel this way. I think it's important to share your code if you can, as it helps developers in all aspects, and encourages others to do the same, regardless of how shit the codebase itself is. At the end of the day, this community should be supportive to other users that want to learn and improve, and providing suggestions, or starting points, provides a huge impact on the future for their career, or personal hobby.

This application will not run without considerable effort

This repository will stay Archived and will not be updated in the future. It is for a learning guide only, and also for developers to see how I also started out in the development world, and how my thought processes worked. This has changed significantly

This application will also not run when forking, as one of the last things I did was update the namespacing for it, but did not update all of the classes. There may very well be other issues preventing it from running.

Should you want to ask questions about this project, you may email me @: I now also, spend most of my time contributing and helping others on the Laracasts forum, as well as deep diving into the core framework of Laravel. You can find my profile on laracasts here:

Consider following me on Github. I am not an open-source contributor, however I do have applications which I sometimes like to share that also explains my thought process and how those problems may have been solved.

Learning Resources

I used and when learning Laravel and associated technologies for this project. These two services are still highly-recommendable for developers starting out in modern developing using PHP. They both offer free and paid courses. I am also not affiliated with any of these services, this is my own personal expression.

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