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A headless browser supporting web navigation, html parsing, and javascript execution.

Current Features

  1. Documents
    • Store Request Data
    • Stores Response Data
    • Stores javascripts
    • Stores css styles
  2. Browser
    • Supports asynchronous and synchronous web requests
    • Generates Documents for each web request
    • Type deserialization of response data
    • Simple nagivate and submit methods for get/post requests
    • Browser history for backward forward navigation and refreshing the current document
  3. Javascript Engine
    • Used by browser to scrape JavaScript content from inline scripts and externally linked scripts.
  4. StyleEngine
    • Used by the browser to scrape css styles from inline styles and linked styles.

Example Usage

static void Main(string[] args)
    /* Initialize Browser */
    Browser browser = new Browser();

    /* Navigate to a website */
    IDocument document = browser.Navigate("");

    / * Navigate with headers */
    Dictionary<string, string> headers = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    headers.Add("x-csrf-token", "2342342");
    var response = browser.Navigate(RequestTesterRouteUri, headers);

    /* Navigate with data */
    Dictionary<string, string> formData = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    formData.Add("Password", "FakePassword123");
    formData.Add("SecretMessage", "This is a secret message");
    var response = browser.Navigate(RequestTesterRouteUri, headers, formData);

    /* SubmitForm */
    /* Form */
    Form postForm = browser.Document.Forms[0];
    postForm.SetValue("UserName", "TestUser");
    postForm.SetValue("Password", "TestPassword");
    IDocument postResponse = browser.SubmitForm(postForm);
    /* Form as dictionary */
    var response = browser.Submit("", formData);
    /* With headers */
    var response = browser.Submit("", formData, headers);

    /* Async calls */
    var response = await browser.NavigateAsync("");

    /* Get current document */
    IDocument lastDocument = browser.Document;

    /* Typed Responses 
        Note: Request is a custom class unrelated to this library
    /* Make request that is deserialized into a request object */
    IDocument<Request> response = browser.Navigate<Request>(RequestTesterRouteJsonUri, headers, formData);
    Request request = response.Data; /* Get the Request object from the response */

    /* Run script - This will be cleaned up! */
    browser.JavascriptEngine.Document = browser.Documents[0].Scripts[2].JavascriptString;
    var result = browser.JavascriptEngine.Execute("w3CodeColor();");

    /* Output */
    Document requestedDocument = browser.Documents[0];
    Console.WriteLine("Scraped Scripts: " + requestedDocument.Scripts.Count);
    Console.WriteLine("Scraped Styles: " + requestedDocument.Styles.Count);
    Console.WriteLine("Begining of document: " + requestedDocument.Response.Content.Substring(0, 60));


Unit Tests:

  • With version 0.0.3 unit tests now utilize the RequestTester node.js application which can be found on my github page.


This application would not have been possible without the contributions by the devolopers of RestSharp, AngleSharp, and Jint.

Project Website

Currently Under Development, more to come...


A headless browser supporting web navigation, html parsing, and javascript execution.




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