A Ruby Gem for accessing the Meetup.com API
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A simple Ruby gem to access the Meetup API.

Code Sample

Sample code is worth a thousand words:

RMeetup::Client.api_key = "API_KEY"
results = RMeetup::Client.fetch(:events,{:zip => "ZIP_CODE"})
results.each do |result|
  # Do something with the result

RMeetup::Client.fetch takes a data model type and set of options as arguments. Possible data models are:

  • :topics

  • :cities

  • :members

  • :rsvps

  • :events

  • :groups

  • :comments

  • :photos

The options that may be passed can be found on the Meetup API documentation. Please see www.meetup.com/meetup_api/docs/ and look up the model that you are calling (i.e. for :events, look at the API call “GET /events” at www.meetup.com/meetup_api/docs/events/).


gem install rMeetup


Credit goes to Jared Pace for building the initial iteration of this gem. I just forked it, expanded and documented it a bit.