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A data driven approach to a multi-proivder asyncio ready python library
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If you find this version of the code online, here be dragons! This is still very early code.

libcloudcore is a low-level abstraction for multiple cloud service providers. It is an experiment at how libcloud could be refactored to:

  • Support all API's provided by a service, rather than the subset that matches an abstraction.
  • Reduce amount of code needed to support a new provider to the absolute minimum.

It is inspired by the botocore API and is:

  • Http library agnostic (with backends planned for asyncio and twisted).
  • Data driven.
  • Introspectable.

The API is inspired by botocore. It provides a low-level API binding. Common requirements like pagination and waiting for resources to be created are dealth with, but mapping API's to objects or to a generic abstraction is left to a higher level library.

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