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Python bindings for new Tracker RDF store with magic
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This project aims to provide a simple API for dealing with data stored in the Tracker
RDF store.

Here are some simple examples to show the aim of the bindings (might differ from reality)

import tralchemy
from tralchemy.nco import Contact

# delete all existing contacts
for c in Contact.get():

# add a contact
c = Contact.create()
c.fullname = "John Carr"
c.firstname = "John"
c.nickname = "Jc2k"

# find all the people called John
for c in Contact.get(firstname="John"):
    print c.uri, c.fullname

# subscribe to any contact changes
def callback(subjects):
    print subjects
Contact.notifications.connect("SubjectsAdded", callback)

Tralchemy implements a objects for the sys.meta_path interface, allowing it to provide a
virtual module for each tracker namespace. When you attempt to import a class from a
namespace (as above), it is looked up in Tracker and bound at runtime. Complete with docstrings.

It's planned that we'll be able to generate pydoc/epydoc documentation, complete with
property type annotations.
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