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Write async code synchronously in JavaScript
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whorl is just a bit of code to play with when i'm bored. It's like a mini version of the core bits of Twisted, but in JavaScript.

It has 2 ideas about what it wants to be when it grows up. It would like to be part of the GNOME desktop, helping users write asynchronous code with a simple almost synchronous coding style.

var print_contents = Defer.async( function (file) {
    var in_stream = yield ();
    var bytes = yield (4096);
    while (bytes) {
        print (bytes);
        bytes = yield (4096);

It would also like to be part of the wave of JavaScript on the server - it would like to grow up to be like its big brother, Twisted.

var handle_POST = Defer.async( function () {
    try {
        var page = yield WebClient.getPage ("");
    } catch (e if e instanceof HTTP404) {
        print ("Error callbacks in async code even get mapped to exceptions :D");

    do_stuff_to_page (page);

    Defer.returnValue (page);

Of course, it works the same for both use cases and the difference is just the integration wrappers built on top of the respective client and server side frameworks...

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