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Python Starlark
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  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Installation
  4. How to use


ObjectDetector is a JdeRobot node, composed of 3 entities: Camera, GUI and DetectionNetwork, which have been implemented on an asynchronous design on devoted threads. This program grabs an image from a given source (typically a webcam or video or a remote source, using ROS), preprocesses it, and passes it forward an SSD object detection network.

As a result, this program constantly shows the image captured, and the detected objects on the most recent output of the network, yielding the detection score as well. This continuous behavioral can be easily stopped via a couple of buttons on the GUI, making inferences on demand.

Object Detector working

Getting started

To get this component to work, you will need to install Python 3, several dependencies, and a few Python packages, installable via python-pip. See the Installation for more details.

Clone this repository, and you are ready to go!

git clone && cd ObjectDetector


This component works on Ubuntu 18.04 and Python 3. In case you want to use inferences from a ROS topic, you will need the Melodic version of ROS, which can be installed following the official steps.

Additionally, you will need some packages which can't be found on the Python repositories, thus they have to be manually installed issuing:

sudo apt install python3-pyqt5 python3-yaml

The remaining required packages have been listed for pip to install them automatically:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Execute this command using sudo if you are not using a virtual environment.

How to Use

You need to use a TensorFlow neural network on which running the inferences. We provide in this repository a pre-trained model taken from the TensorFlow Model Zoo. There you can find more models ready to work. You can choose a different one, but make sure that it outputs boxes (masks are not supported yet), and specify its dataset and the path to the .pb file containing the graph in objectdetector.yml.

Detections from a video stream (ICE/ROS):

Under development.

Detections from a local camera/video file (OpenCV):

Just type into the YML configuration file which device/file you want to use, and set the YML node Source: Local for a webcam or Source: Video for a video file.

In another terminal type python objectdetector.yml

This will start the component, driven by the configuration parsed from the YML file (video source and neural network parameters).

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