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The purpose of PyOnArduino is to create a tool that can translate Python-like code to Arduino code. We pursue this target in order to program an educational robot that uses an Arduino microprocessor using Python.


Example of PyOnArduino in action. On this example, the same Python + PyOnArduino code is compiled and uploaded to the robots and the behaviour is the same

Sublime's custom image

Requirements and installation

  • Python 3.6 Download
  • Arduino IDE Download
  • Arduino Makefile Download and installation
    • Check makefiles folders and change the variables if the usb port or directories are different.
  • pySerial Documentation
  • To execute on mBot you need to add Makeblock libraries to the Arduino IDE following this repo
  • If you use MacOS and you want to execute on mBot, you'll probably new ch340 driver Download

To execute the project

    python3 translator/ [input-file] [robot]
    python3 translator/ [input-file] [robot] [architecture-file]

Robots supported

  • Complubot (Arduino Robot)
  • MBot
  • SergioRobot: This is an educational project not a real world development


Sensors and actuators supported


Sensor/Actuator Supported functions
DC Engines setSpeedEnginesControl(left, right), setSpeedEnginesMotor(left, right)
Ultrasonic sensors getUS()
Infrared sensors getIR[1,2,3,4,5]
Beep emitter playBeep(type)
Sound emitter playMelody(melody)
Screen write setScreenText(text), clearScreen()


Sensor/Actuator Supported functions
DC Engines setSpeedEngines(speed), getLineFollowValue()
Ultrasonic sensors getUS()
LEDs setLeds(ledNumber, red, green, blue)
Infrared sensors getMessage(), sendMessage(message)
Light sensor getLightSensor()
Button isButtonPressed(), isButtonReleased()
Buzzer playBuzzer(tone, length)
External screen drawString(name), showClock(hour, min)


Sensor/Actuator Supported functions
DC Engines setSpeedEngine[1,2,3,4] (speed)
Ultrasonic sensors getUS()
Infrared sensors getIR[1,2] ()

Python features supported

Supported functionality

Feature Limitations/Comments
Variable declaration SUPPORTED
Function definition With/without return statement
Operators + - / * ^ %
Comparators < <= >= == !=
Logic operators and or is not
Loops while, for (future proposal)
If If/elif/else
Boolean operations and or
Arrays Future proposal
Tuples Future proposal
Range Future proposal

Architecture file

A robot's architecture file can be added when executing PyOnArduino. On this file, added sensors' port can be added, so PyOnArduino can understand where to link them. Example:

    ultrasonicSensor = TK2
    rgbled = 7

To declare a sensor's port, just add the name + '=' + port name. Example files:

Complubot port names

  • ultrasonicSensor

mBot port names

  • leftMotor
  • rightMotor
  • ultrasonicSensor
  • rgbled
  • lightSensor
  • ledMtx
  • lineFollower


Examples available in examples folder, check them out!

Problem with Complubot

There is a problem with Arduino Robot(Complubot). Sometimes when you upload a project it can make the usb port stop working. If you ever get to this point, the solution is quite simple. Write an empty sketch and upload it. While it's being uploaded press the reset button on the board two times. This should fix the problem! Source

Running Tests

To run the tests, run the following

python3 tests/<test-file>

To run specific tests for a bot, call the function in main and run the above command.

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