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In this practice the intention is to develop a color filter that allow us to segment some object in the image. You will have to get in contact with RGB and HSV color spaces, and OpenCV (Python) library.

For the realization of the practice, you are provided of a framework written in python that collects the images and allows its visualization. These images will be collected through several specific videos for this practice (pelota_roja.avi and pelotas_roja_azul.avi), although you could use your own videos instead or even a camera.

If you want to find the optimum values for your filter (in order to segment a concrete object) you can launch in a terminal the colorTuner component as follows (remember to run cameraserver tool as shown in line 39):

$ colorTuner color_tuner_conf.yml

This practice allows to obtain the video stream from 3 different sources:

  • From a local camera (Local)
  • A local file (Video)
  • Or through an ICE or ROS video driver (Stream) Depending on the way you want to obtain the video, you must specify the selected video source in the configuration file (color_filter_conf.cfg), and the required paremeters for that source. Once done it, if you have selected either 'Local' or 'Video', follow the next step:

$ python2 ./ color_filter_conf.yml

If the selected vide source is 'Stream', you must do the following:

First of all, ensure you have put the correct path in the configuraton file (cameraserver_conf.cfg) to the video over you want to apply the filter, and comment the line that access your local camera. This is:


CameraSrv.Camera.0.Uri = /home/username/Desktop/pelota_roja.avi

Once done it, in a terminal launch cameraserver component (ICE driver): $ cameraserver cameraserver_conf.cfg

In other terminal launch the color_filter component: $ python2 ./ color_filter_conf.yml


  • camera.getImage() - to get the image received from server
  • camera.setColorImage(input_image) - to set color image
  • camera.setThresholdImage(bk_image) - to set Threshold image
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