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Tool for visual programming of robots using automata
Python C++ CMake
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Installation from Ubuntu ROS package

If you have already installed ROS on your system, you can install visualstates with the following command.

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-visualstates

To run the visualstates run the following command

rosrun visualstates

Installation from Source

Install Dependencies

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-desktop
sudo apt install python-pyqt5
sudo apt install python-pyqt5.qsci

Install VisualStates in catkin_ws

The VisualStates tool is distributed as a ROS package. You can directly clone this repository in an active catkin workspace. After copying the repository as ROS package. You can run visualstates following these steps.

rosrun visualstates

To run an example behavior please check the examples repository here: VisualStates-examples

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