Common, high-level libs and utils, not core to the framework but useful to its users
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Useful high-level App and use-case specific features and utils


Generic, Common and High-level functionality to assist with your web services implementation.

The ServiceBase and RestServiceBase classes provide use-ful base classes for your web services to inherit from.

ServiceBase - base class for RPC services

  • Handles C# exceptions and serializes them into your Response DTO's so your clients can programatically access them
  • If you have a IRedisClient installed, rolling error logs will be maintained so you can easily see the latest errors
  • base.ResolveService() - let's you access a pre-configured instance of another web service so you can delegate required functionality
  • base.AppHost - Accesses the underlying AppHost letting you inspect its configuration, etc

RestServiceBase - base class for REST Services (extends ServiceBase)

  • Reduces the boiler-plate by already implementing all REST operations so you don't have to e.g. IRestGetService


Generic DTO types useful for all web services. e.g. ResponseStatus is where C# exceptions get injected into


Existing classes to help manage a users session