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👈Quickly and easily do annoying tasks with xcode shortcuts
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😍Quickly and easily do annoying tasks with xcode shortcuts

If you just press a shortcut in xcode, the pod install, carthage bootstrap --platform iOS, etc tasks will be executed.

Supported Scripts


  • Pod install
  • Pod update
  • Pod repo update


  • carthage-archive-iOS
  • carthage-bootstrap-iOS
  • carthage-clean
  • carthage-debug-iOS

Open Application

  • open finder
  • open fork
  • open gitkraken
  • open iterm
  • open safari
  • open snippets-sourcetree
  • open sourcetree
  • open terminal


  • gem install pod
  • gem update pod
  • gem update xcodeproj

Getting Started

  1. Clone or download the project.
  2. Open Xcode.
  3. Open the Xcode preferences. Shortcuts: cmd,
  4. Select the behaviors tab.
  5. Press the + button on the bottom left.
  6. Create a name for the behavior. (ex. open terminal)
  7. Activate the Run check box.
  8. Click choose script.
  9. Select the desired script.
  10. Right-click the name of the behavior you just created to specify the shortcut. (ex. cmd + shift + 5)

if you can't select script. try this

  1. Open terminal -> Go to project folder

  2. run command

chmod -R +x "Pods/" "Gem/" "Open Application/"

🎉🎊Final screen image

Repeat steps 6 to 11

How to Using


  • Choose directly from Xcode - behaviors

  • Press the shortcut key.



*🇰🇷 JeasungLee - Initial work - JeasungLee


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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