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Prettymaps is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to easily set up a basic styled map with jQuery.


      address: 'Melbourne, Australia',
      image: 'map-icon.png',
      hue: '#FF0000',
      saturation: -20

gives you a map that looks like this.

The following options have been set as defaults. Check google for a full list of options.

  zoom: 13,
  panControl: false,
  zoomControl: false,
  mapTypeControl: false,
  scaleControl: false,
  streetViewControl: false,
  overviewMapControl: false,
  scrollwheel: true

##Multiple Addresses

If you require multiple addresses, pass an array into the address option field:

      address: ['Melbourne, Australia', 'Richmond Australia'],

Don't forget to zoom the map out enough to view both markers with the zoom option.


jQuery Google Maps API Library.

####Including Google Maps API Library:

Load this link in a script tag on your page

When using the google maps api in production, you'll need to get an API key.

Follow the 4 steps (should take about 2 minutes) here to get your api key, and include it in the script parameters like so:

  <script src="">

That's pretty much it, clone the repo and check examples.html for some live examples


Make awesome google maps with jquery



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