Turnkey Linux TKLPatch for Redmine v1.2.1
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Slight modification to make this TKLPatch apply to an ISO (rather than a running machine) Minor mods by Jeremy Davis (aka JedMeister) Thanks to Dave Stephens for the original work - see his original Readme below:

Turnkey Linux Redmine v1.3.2 TKLPatch

This is a TKLPatch for the Turnkey Linux Redmine VM. It updates the VM from the ancient version of Redmine that it was originally built with to the latest, which at the time of writing is v1.3.2.

Applying the TKLPatch

It's possible to apply this patch straight from GitHub. Read the instructions here: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/tklpatch/apply#Applying%20a%20patch%20from%20GitHub%20source


I've tested this TKLPatch on my own VM. It works. That doesn't mean it'll work for you, but there's a pretty good chance you'll come out smelling of roses. Either way, TAKE A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR VM BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.

That said, if this patch trashes your Redmine installation, fries your motherboard, drinks your beer, steals your granny and sells her on eBay, it's not my fault! You have been warned!

Contact Info

This patch was hacked together by David Stephens. If you want to have your socks bored off, read my blog


  • All the dudes at Turnkey Linux for doing something great for the community
  • Jean-Philippe Lang for writing Redmine and continuing to build it into the great tool it is today