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TKLPatch to create WebCalendar appliance (patch to be applied to TKL-LAMP)
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WebCalendar (aka k5nCal) is an open source calendar and organiser web app written in php. Similar to other web app TKLPatches I have published recently, it's actually quite easy to install yourself (on LAMP) but as I have been testing it for inhouse use at my work, I thought I'd create a TKLPatch and share the love! I think it would make a great addition to the TKL library.

It can be configured as a multi-user setup with each individual having their own calendar (with users having access to read/write/edit other's calendars or not as desired). Or it can be configured as a single-user calendar. One cool thing about it is that even with the single-user, single calendar model, multiple users can be defined so for example a secretary can add/delete/edit appointments. Secondary users such as this can have full power, or these additions can require 'master' user's approval. Full activity logs can be kept so it can be clearly seen who has done what.
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