Example React.js Cordova / PhoneGap App with Babel, Webpack and Hot Reloading
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Example React.js Cordova / PhoneGap App with Babel, Webpack and Hot Reloading


This is a modern rebuild of the app I wrote to propose to my wife back in September 2012, written as a demo for my PhoneGap Day US talk in January 2016.

The app was a companion for a walk-around-Sydney day out I designed, at the last step of which I proposed (she said yes!)

Each destination had a "hint" image; the next hint was revealed as we reached the previous one. The mobile app polls an API to detect when the next step has been unlocked.

This project includes a Node.js server for storing the available steps, and a clone of the React.js Cordova app I installed on her phone.

The original images and steps haven't been included, instead there are some photos we took on the day with a configurable number of steps.

Getting Started


To run this app, you'll need Node.js v4 or newer, and the cordova package installed globally.

If you want to run it in the iOS simulator, you'll also need a Mac with XCode and the ios-sim package installed globally.

It should work on Android as well, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.


Clone or download this repo, then run npm install in the root folder. You'll also need to add your target platform with the cordova CLI.

git clone https://github.com/JedWatson/picture-tour-app.git
cd picture-tour-app
npm install
cordova platforms add ios

Start the API Server

You'll need to first start the node.js API server:

npm run server

This will start the API server on port 3000. You can use your browser to control the state of the application by visiting localhost:3000

NOTE The app currently expects to hit the API server on localhost, so it'll only run locally for now. I'll fix this soon, or a PR would be very welcome!

Run the app in the browser / simulator

Run this to start the development webpack server:

npm start

You can then open the app in your browser by visiting localhost:8080

Open it in the iOS Simulator by running:

npm run ios

In this mode, the app will live-reload changes to React components using react-hot-loader and CSS changes using the Webpack CSS loader.

Build the app for production

To prepare the app for packaging, run:

npm run prepare

This will switch your config.xml file to production mode, build the app bundle to /www using Webpack, and run cordova prepare for you.

You can then open the iOS project /platforms/ios/Picture Tour.xcodeproj and build and run it in XCode.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2016 Jed Watson.