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Home screen gives incorrect default admin username #16

perryao opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When you first launch sydjs, the home screen informs you that an admin account has been created with the email, when in fact it is

@JedWatson JedWatson closed this in e616a4a

Thanks for catching that! I've made the default account / admin, in line with the yeoman generator and demo site so it's all consistent now.


The email: and the password: admin are still not working.


@s2zaman I checked the update script /updates/0.0.1-admins.js and it looks like it's creating a user with the correct details...

Did you see a message about updates being applied when you started it for the first time? (and did you try with a new database?)


When i run node keystone, it gives the following error. and keystone doesn't run.
When i set the 'auto update': true to false, the app is good to run.

KeystoneJS Update Error:

An updates folder must exist in your project root to use automatic updates.
If you want to use a custom path for your updates, set the updates option.
If you don't want to use updates, set the auto update option to false.
See for more information.


Any chance you're on Windows? I think I may have just identified a platform-specific bug in the version of Keystone that was released yesterday...

The account details aren't working because they're added by the update, which you're disabling.

Immediate workaround is to set 'auto update': true and 'updates': 'updates' (see keystonejs/keystone#224)


Yes, i am working on Windows 8.1, x64 based OS.

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