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Awesome WYSIWYG Awesome

A curated list of awesome WYSIWYG editors



WYSIWYG Editors that can be use without dependecy to other libraries or frameworks.

  • Aloha Editor - Aloha Editor is a JavaScript content editing library.
  • CKEditor 4 - Battle-tested WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • CKEditor 5 - A set of ready to use rich text editors created with a powerful framework.
  • Content Tools - A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.
  • Etherpad - Etherpad: Really real-time collaborative document editing.
  • grande.js - It's a Medium at Starbucks. Pinky ring out.
  • Jodit - Rich HTML WYSIWYG Editor and FileBrowser.
  • Medium Editor - Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.
  • Medium.js - A tiny JavaScript library for making contenteditable beautiful (Like Medium's editor).
  • Mobiledoc Kit - A toolkit for building WYSIWYG editors with Mobiledoc.
  • Pell - the simplest and smallest (1kB) WYSIWYG text editor for web, with no dependencies.
  • Pen Editor - enjoy live editing (+markdown).
  • Quill - a modern rich text editor built for compatibility and extensibility.
  • Squire - an HTML5 rich text editor, which provides powerful cross-browser normalisation, whilst being supremely lightweight and flexible.
  • Scribe - A rich text editor framework for the web platform, with patches for browser inconsistencies and sensible defaults.
  • Substance - A JavaScript library for web-based content editing.
  • TinyMCE - a JavaScript library for platform independent 'WYSIWYG' or rich text editing.
  • Trix - A rich text editor for everyday writing.
  • wysihtml - Open source rich text editor for the modern web.
  • Tui Editor - GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor - Productive and Extensible

JQuery Based

JQuery required editors

  • bootstrap-wysiwyg - Tiny bootstrap-compatible WYSIWYG rich text editor.
  • Dante Editor - Just another Medium wysiwyg editor clone.
  • Easyeditor - Very lightweight and highly configurable rich text html editor.
  • Froala Editor - A beautifuly designed jQuery WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based on HTML5.
  • jQuery-Notebook - A modern, simple and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor.
  • popline - An HTML5 Rich-Text-Editor Toolbar.
  • simditor An Easy and Fast WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Summernote - Super simple WYSIWYG editor.
  • Toast UI Editor - Markdown WYSIWYG Editor - Productive and Extensible
  • Trumbowyg - A lightweight and amazing WYSIWYG JavaScript editor - 20kB only (8kB gzip).

For Angular

Editors for your angular-based project.

  • angular-froala - Angular.js bindings for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.
  • ckeditor5-angular - An official CKEditor 5 rich text editor component for Angular 2+.
  • jodit-angular - Angular wrapper around Jodit to make it easier to use in a Angular
  • ng-quill -Angular Directive for Quill rich text editor.
  • textAngular - A radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg editor for Angular.js

For React

Editors for your react-based project.

  • Alloy Editor - WYSIWYG editor based on CKEditor with completely rewritten UI.
  • ckeditor5-react - An official CKEditor 5 rich text editor component for React.
  • Dante II - A complete rewrite of dante editor in draft-js.
  • Draft.js - a JavaScript rich text editor framework, built for React and backed by an immutable model.
  • jodit-react - React component for Jodit Editor.
  • React Draft Wysiwyg - A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS
  • react-froala-wysiwyg -React component for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.
  • react-mobiledoc-editor - A Mobiledoc editor written with React and Mobiledoc-Kit.
  • react-rte - Pure React rich text "WYSISYG" editor based on draft-js.
  • react-summernote - Summernote (Super simple WYSIWYG editor) adaptation for react.
  • Slate JS - A completely customizable framework.

For Vue

Editors for your vue-based project.

For Ruby

Editors for your ruby-based project.

  • bootstrap-wysihtml5-rails - WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap, integrated in Rails assets pipeline.
  • bootsy - A beautiful wysiwyg editor with image upload for Rails.
  • ckeditor - Ckeditor integration gem for rails.
  • Mercury Editor - Mercury Editor: The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG editor.
  • wysiwyg-rails - Ruby gem for Froala jQuery WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.


WYSIWYG-like editors

  • EmojiOne Area - WYSIWYG-like EmojiOne Converter / Picker Plugin for jQuery.
  • GrapeJS - an open-source, multi-purpose, Web Builder Framework.
  • last-draft - a Draft.js editor using draft-js-plugins.
  • Ory editor - Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux. WYSIWYG on steroids.
  • prosemirror - The ProseMirror WYSIWYM editor.
  • Sir Trevor - Rich content editing entirely re-imagined for the web.
  • woofmark - A modular, progressive, and beautiful Markdown and HTML editor.
  • ngx-wall - Extensible component based editor with fancy drag-and-drop experience


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, Jeferson Mari has waived all copyright (2018) and related or neighboring rights to this work.