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Fang of Mongo (Fom) requirements:
1. python, pythons-setuptools
2. django
3. pymongo (mongo bindings for python)
4. access to mongodb
Ubuntu 10.10 shortcut for getting it all:
sudo aptitude install python-setuptools mongodb python-django python-pymongo
For earlier releases use easy_install to get pymongo:
sudo easy_install pymongo
and see to install mongo
If you want some sample database content to play with,
Fom comes with music album collection in json format suitable to use with mongoimport,
located in fangofmongo/fangofmongo/tools/sampledata/freedb.json.
I am using it on linux, but there is a chance that any unix-like os will work as well.
to install Fom, just unpack source somwhere,
go to fangofmongo directory and run:
python ./ runserver
now point your browser to http://localhost:8000/fangofmongo/
If you have installed mongodb locally then just click proceed and enjoy it
You may also set TIMEZONE in to make sure dates are processed correctly on django site
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