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TODO list (varius bugs, tweaks and ideas)

  • Bugs/annoyances
  • Binary and Code data types are not supported by python json_utility.
(the only way to use them is to traverse json and manually replace Binary/Code objects)
  • Regular exression type g flag is ommited by python driver ( because it doesn't exist in python )
  • properly discover list of sort candidates from json structure
  • introduce some menu interface, currently ordering is now unpredictable and plugins just mess with dom
  • document edition: after editing coloring of odd documents doesn't work, also collapse/expand button ignores them
  • allow adding new / removing documents
changing _id generates new document. Thats might require help information, some people might be surprised
  • add no_collection_selected signal
  • Ideas
  • use service for collecting user comments/reviews
  • help system
  • consider async solution for server side
(tornado, node.js or erlang are good candidates)
  • console with full mongo syntax support, maybe pyv8 could be usefull. Other solution is to popen mongo.
  • how about implementing mongo driver entirely in js on browser side with websockets? (what about support for binary data in browser?)
  • db/collection disk usage charts
  • inline editor, double click value to change it, or right click to operate it ( like add to query builder)
  • maintain collection of usefull mongodb data dumps for tutorial purpose
  • write fom tutorial as introduction to mongodb
  • chaining fom_objects, so multiple server/database/collection connections are possible
  • json view expander: allow expanded fully or only first level and expansion of subelements
  • debug window/ console
  • show query execution time/data loading time
  • show index /stats info when hovering over respective buttons for longer time
  • highlight syntax when editing JSON, good editor component is here:
  • when editing document, textarea should have the same height as document
  • Release:
    • feedback tracking
    • field autocomplete
    • error reporting?
    • register_plugin
    • zip archive
    • check available updates ?
    • spinner in item lists