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oreboot is a fork of coreboot, with C removed, written in Rust.
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oreboot README

oreboot is a downstream fork of coreboot, i.e. oreboot is coreboot without 'c'.

oreboot will only target truly open systems requiring no binary blobs. oreboot is mostly written in Rust, with assembly where needed.

oreboot currently only plans to support LinuxBoot payloads.



Supported Hardware

oreboot supports almost nothing, and will support no systems that require C or binary blobs. For now, that means no x86.

Build Requirements

  • Rust

Building oreboot

We are still trying to figure this out but:

# Install rustup
curl -sSf | sh

# Run this in the oreboot project directory. This uses the nightly rust
# compiler for the oreboot directory.
rustup override set nightly

# Install cargo-make
cargo install cargo-make

# Ocassionally run:
rustup update

# Install gcc for objdump and objcopy.
sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi

# Build for ARMv7
cd src/mainboard/emulation/qemu-armv7
# TODO: Currently, we have to prepend RUST_TARGET_PATH so the compiler finds the
#       path to the target json.
RUST_TARGET_PATH=$(pwd) cargo make              # Debug
RUST_TARGET_PATH=$(pwd) cargo make -p release   # Optimized

# View disassembly
arm-none-eabi-objdump -S target/arm-none-eabihf/release/qemu-armv7


sudo apt-get install qemu-system-arm
RUST_TARGET_PATH=$(pwd) cargo make run -p release

# Quit qemu with CTRL-A X

Testing oreboot Without Modifying Your Hardware

Website and Mailing List

Not yet.

Ground Rules

  • The build tool is xargo; there will be no Makefiles.
  • Cargo.toml files are located in the src/mainboard/x/y directories. which will allow us to build all boards in parallel.
  • All code is auto-formatted with rustfmt with no exceptions. There are no vestiges of the 19th century such as line length limits.
  • There will be no C.
  • We will not run our own Gerrit. We are using Github for now, and the github Pull Request review mechanism.
  • We will not run our own Jenkins. We will use the most appropriate CI; for now, that is Azure but we will be flexible.

Copyright and License

The copyright on oreboot is owned by quite a large number of individual developers and companies. Please check the individual source files for details.

oreboot is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Some files are licensed under the "GPL (version 2, or any later version)", and some files are licensed under the "GPL, version 2". For some parts, which were derived from other projects, other (GPL-compatible) licenses may apply. Please check the individual source files for details.

This makes the resulting oreboot images licensed under the GPL, version 2.

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