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Solve Equations Expressed as strings
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Solve Equations Expressed as strings, branch equations for custom evaluations. Equations can be mathmatical, boolean/comparison, with logical ANDs and ORs.

See: Documentation:

See: Nuget:

The libray is built with .Net Standard. It uses a forward only parser for expressions so it is very fast and since it is small it is well suited to mobile applications that get the equations from a service the application applying values to variables in the equation.

Calculation in Expressions follow the common order of operations (PEMDAS) (see:

Example (the Quadratic formula): ((b*-1) - sqrt(b^2 - 4*a*c))/(2*a)

Note: This library supports parentheses and nested parentheses

To use:

  1. Create/load an EquationProject
  2. Use EquationSolverFactory to build and return the IEquationSolver
  3. Solve the equations
  4. Use/review Variables by name

Parts of an Equation

UseExpression - a string expression that must evaluate to a true or false. If this UseExpression evaluates to true then the equation and the inner equations are executed.

Expression - a string that produces a value (number, boolean, or text), the value is then assigned to the Variable named in Target.

Target - the variable name to hold the value calculated from the Expression.

MoreEquations - a collection of Equations that will be executed if this equation executes. (provides a tree of equations)


EquationProject project = new EquationProject()
    Title = "Mulitply Divide Project",
    Equations = new List<Equation>()
        new Equation()
            UseExpression = "true",
            Expression = "2 * 1",
            Target = "T1"

IEquationSolver solver = EquationSolverFactory.Instance.CreateEquationSolver(project);

var myCalculatedDecimal = solver.Variables["T1"].DecimalValue
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