A rails generator that sets up your app with a proper css organization scheme.
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Propercss is a rails generator that sets up your css


  • Create a folder called "generators" in your Rails "lib" folder.
  • Clone this repo into lib/generators
  • Run one of the two versions of the generate command  

There are currently two versions of the generate command:

  • "rails g propercss"   This commmand creates the following files and folders in "app/assets/stylesheets"
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components
    • app/assets/stylesheets/modules
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base/normalize.css
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base/layout.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base/typography.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/alerts.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/buttons.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/forms.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/list.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/nav.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/components/tables.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/modules/aside.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/modules/footer.sass
    • app/assets/stylesheets/modules/header.sass  
  • "rails g propercss normalize_only"   This command creates the following files and folders in "- app/assets/stylesheets"
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base
    • app/assets/stylesheets/base/normalize.css