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A collection of powershell scripts to perform basic to advanced Azure based Sitecore devops
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Sitecore Advanced Azure Devops

Expanding Sitecore on azure with flexible and generic scripts. Happy bot

NOTE: All these scripts require a valid powershell Azure session to be connected and available

General Support Scripts

Kudu Utility

Found here

A set of powershell functions to facilitate communication with App Services. This forms the backbone of all the Azure App Service interactions that are required for these devops strategies.

Script Retrying

Found here

Azure has transient errors that simply need to be retried, this accomplishes giving things a few tries with custom failure validation for those cases where the script doesn't actually fail despite the reports from Azure. A well set up execution of this strategy should give our scripts the best chance to succeed given the random instability of Azure in general.


Usage guide here

In an Azure PaaS environment zero downtime deployments are a possibility. By dynamically duplicating databases and rewiring app services we can fairly simply achieve this.

Sitecore Services

Usage guide here

A collection of methods and tools to perform Sitecore services. Most notably to reindex or publish remotely, however this model can be followed to perform most Sitecore based operations.


Usage guide here

Deploy a basic XConnect artifact. XConnect can be profoundly confusing to work with, here are some simple guildlines to be successful with it.

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