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This is a tool to automatically take changes made in your code repository and move them over to your Sitecore webroot as you make changes. Eliminating the need to run a manual publish.

Configuring the tool

Required: Modify the settings in parameters.ps1 to point the watcher to both your code and the web root.

Adjusting watch locations

By default this tool handles 4 areas:


For binary files


For configuration files


For cshtml files


For front end stuff (css, js)

you may change, add, or remove any of these from FileWatchSetup.ps1 line 46

Adjusting file copy process

By default this tool handles some basic cases where a file changes and it gets moved to the appropriate place in the webroot. For example:

(source)\bin -> (webroot)\bin

(source)\App_Config\Include -> (webroot)\App_Config\Include

You can change what types of files are managed and how they are managed in the DeploymentDefinitions.ps1 the magic happens with a hashtable that's a string to script block object. When a watcher finds a file with an extention matching what is in the hashtable, it executes the script block with the parameters Path, OldPath (if a rename) and a switch for deleted (if deleted) then it's up to your script block to decide what happens to it.