Four Letter Word Maker on Raspberry Pi project with 4 digit alphanumeric LED display
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My inspiration:

Video showing original segment-based hangman mode:

The display board I used:

Adafruit Quad Alphanumeric Display - Red 0.54" Digits w/ I2C Backpack

Breakout Board Options

Trello board for backlog:

My modifications from the original:

  • hardware pushbutton to change mode on the fly (was dip switches)
  • portability - original is fragile and high-voltage
  • command-line flag to skip startup message

Pi-related things I've had to learn for this project:

  • Driving an LED
  • Reading hardware switches
  • displaying words on the adafruit
  • Trapping ctrl-c to shut down GPIO politely as program ends.
  • Python
  • Breaking python into multiple files (via import)
  • Dictionary mapping for functions - use this strategy to replace multiple if()s and the absence of a switch command.
  • Make a python program launch on Pi power-up (via crontab)
  • Python program command-line args
  • ssh'ing into the Pi via wifi
  • Transferring files between Mac and Pi (via rsync)
  • Shell out to turn off system LED(s) then shell out to turn back on just before exiting

Other skills needed for someone to reproduce what I did:

  • basic breadboarding
  • unix commands
  • git

What Things Might YOU Do with It?

  • Stream song lyrics
  • Show spelling words
  • make a list of synonym pairs

Things I might need to make a zero work:

Zero might not end up being cheap ( b/c of all the parts needed to add from the basic Pi), and more work to set up so not as good for students.