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Native support for Fire TV in Home Assistant

No Python 2 service necessary! And it can also handle device authentication.


Copy the media_player/ to your custom_components folder (custom_components/media_player/ in your configuration directory. If you do not have a custom_components folder, then you will need to create it.


# Example configuration.yaml entry
  # a device that does not require ADB authentication
  - platform: firetv
    name: Fire TV 1

  # a device that does require ADB authentication
  - platform: firetv
    name: Fire TV 2
    adbkey: "/config/android/adbkey"

  # a device for which getting the current app (source) and the running apps (sources) cause issues
  - platform: firetv
    name: Fire TV 3
    get_source: false
    get_sources: false

ADB Authentication (for Fire TV devices with recent software)

If you get a "Device authentication required, no keys available" error when trying to setup Fire TV, then you'll need to create an adbkey and add its path to your configuration. Follow the instructions on this page to connect to your Fire TV from your computer: Connecting to Fire TV Through adb.

Important! In the dialog appearing on your Fire TV, you must check the box that says "always allow connections from this device." ADB authentication in Home Assistant will only work using a trusted key.

Once you've successfully connected to your Fire TV via the command adb connect <ipaddress>, the files adbkey and will be created on your computer. Copy these to your Home Assistant folder and add the path to the adbkey file to your configuration.


Issue: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'firetv'

Solution: Restart Home Assistant. This error occurs because HA needs some time to install the dependencies, and it tries to setup the component before the dependencies have been installed.

Issue: Error while setting up platform firetv (with an ADB key)

Solution: There is probably an issue with your ADB key. Here are some possibilities.

  1. Your key is not pre-authenticated. Before using the adbkey in Home Assistant, you must connect to your Fire TV device using the ADB binary and tell the Fire TV to always allow connections from this computer. For more information, see the section "ADB Authentication (for Fire TV devices with recent software)" above.

  2. Home Assistant does not have the appropriate permissions for the adbkey file and so it is not able to use it. Once you fix the permissions, the component should work.

  3. You are already connected to the Fire TV via ADB from another device. Only one device can be connected, so disconnect the other device, restart the Fire TV (for good measure), and then restart Home Assistant.


This is based on python-firetv by happyleavesaoc, and it depends on python-adb.