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BTCPay Server

You can pair with your existing production BTCPay Server, or set one up locally.

Run development server

Clone the repository.

Install Python dependencies:

pip3 install flask flask_admin flask_apscheduler flask_login flask_principal flask_fileupload flask_bootstrap flask_migrate flask_ezmail
pip3 install gunicorn apscheduler sqlalchemy
pip3 install markdown python-slugify jwt psutil
pip3 install btcpay
pip3 install squareconnect

Configure database and settings path:

export ISSO_CONFIG_PATH=$PWD/isso.cfg
export COMMENTS_DB_PATH=$PWD/comments.db

Create or upgrade the database:

flask db upgrade

Start the server: & gunicorn patron:app

Run tests

Install Python dependencies:

pip3 install pytest

Configure database path:

export COMMENTS_DB_PATH_TEST=$PWD/comments-test.db

Create or upgrade the test database:

flask db upgrade

Run tests:

python3 -m pytest
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