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# Copyright (c) 2018 Jeff Vandrew Jr
from app import create_app, db, blog_engine
from import send_reminder_emails
from app.models import User, BTCPayClientStore, PriceLevel, \
ThirdPartyServices, Email
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from flask_blogging_patron.signals import editor_post_saved
app = create_app()
if __name__ == '__main__':, ssl_context='adhoc')
def make_shell_context():
return {
'db': db, 'User': User,
'editor_post_saved': editor_post_saved,
'blog_engine': blog_engine,
'Email': Email,
'ThirdPartyServices': ThirdPartyServices,
'BTCPayClientStore': BTCPayClientStore,
'PriceLevel': PriceLevel,
'send_reminder_emails': send_reminder_emails,
'tomorrow': + timedelta(hours=24),
'yesterday': - timedelta(hours=24),
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