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Hall A Analyzer Hands-On Tutorial

This is a small replay and analysis setup for demonstration of the Hall A C++ Analyzer Podd at the June 2017 Hall A & C Analysis Workshop at JLab.


It is assumed that you have both ROOT and the analyzer set up. Example raw data files are included in the virtual machine image distributed at the workshop. To run this tutorial outside of the virtual machine, appropriate files need to be linked or copied from JLab SciComp disks (/cache, /volatile, /work) or restored from tape.


Put data files or links to them in local directories, then update the included accordingly. Run to define the required environment variables DB_DIR, DATA_DIR and OUT_DIR.


To run the example replay, do

cd replay
analyzer [0] .x replay.C


Some simple analysis scripts have been provided. Open the .root file for a run you're interested with the analyzer, then run the script. Example

cd replay
analyzer $OUT_DIR/gmp_23062.root
analyzer [0] .x plotR.C

More Information

Please see the the presentation given at the workshop.