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Doug E. Fresh Release

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@T-Britton T-Britton released this 31 Jan 13:11
· 389 commits to master since this release

A special thanks to all the users providing feedback and bug reports. As of this release the automated system has 31 unique submitters (local running is not tracked) which have produced 32 Tb of MC data and have consumed almost 20,000 days of CPU use.

Besides the standard tweaks and bug fixes.....

This release contains a lot of back-end changes and enhancements, most of which will not be directly noticed by users. This includes Utility script wrappers and heartbeat monitoring, a data mover to avoid lustre issues effecting data retrieval, enhanced completeness checking, simple priority system for submits (stubs), web interface updates etc.

I do want to highlight automated error correcting via the web form. Previously projects which fail to test would email the submitter directing them to contact me to fix things directly in the back-end (if needed). Now a link is emailed to the submitter which gives them an opportunity to update the form and flag the project for a retest. It is protect by basic authentication so that only the CUE user who made the request, or the designated foreman, may update the project; provided that it has not already been dispatched. There are still a few inconsequential values which need to be included but it has been used successfully by a handful of users.

Additionally, the automated system has branched out to provide a means for handling a variety of experiments. CPP has been added. This foundation turns MCwrapper into a system potentially useful for more than just GlueX.

Finally, in beta is a means of singly running reconstruction via any of the supported batch systems. This requires a little extra configuring at the moment but should be usable....