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NAMESPACE Kurt Hornik kindly assisted with registration (and other) issues. May 2, 2017
cleanup Pushed version 0.20 to CRAN with issues reported by Professor Brian Jan 1, 2014
crsver Added Simon Wood's tensor product C backend (thanks! infinitely more May 6, 2017
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CRAN downloads

This is the R package `crs' (Categorical Regression Splines) written and maintained by Jeffrey S. Racine (racinej@mcmaster.ca) with the invaluable assistance of Zhenghua Nie.


You can install the stable version on CRAN:

install.packages('crs', dependencies = TRUE)

Or download the zip ball or tar ball, decompress and run R CMD INSTALL on it, or install then use the devtools package to install the development version:

library(devtools); install_github('R-Package-crs', 'JeffreyRacine')

Note Windows users have to first install Rtools, while OS X users have to first install Xcode and the command line tools (in OS X 10.9 or higher, once you have Xcode installed, open a terminal and run xcode-select --install).

For more information on this project please visit the maintainer's website (https://www.socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/people/racinej).